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Automate your delivery for free
Increase the company's income by at least 30%

Free CRM + Websites + Mobile Apps + Social Media Apps
Development, updates and technical support are free of charge
Launch of the full complex in up to 3 working days
Payment upon delivery: up to 4% per order
No subscription fees, penalties or investments

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Free mobile apps

Do you work in the field of food or flower delivery? The best, well-thought-out and at the same time the most affordable solution for delivery services. A modern and revolutionary method of working with customers that can increase your income by at least 30%!


Free websites

We have reinvented the websites! Our websites are fast, adaptive, technological and SEO-friendly! There is nothing easier than to create and build a website, it will only take you 10 minutes!



Full automation and control of your delivery
Synchronization with websites and apps
Unified client and order database
Logistics settings
Accounting and counterparty management


What is FoodSoul?

What do you need for the successful operation of food and flower delivery services? A high-quality and functional software package that combines CRM, websites, mobile applications and social apps while maintaining the integrity of the entire system and full automation. We guarantee the creation of convenient ways to work with customers, and all that is left for you to do is to monitor the quality of your products. Cooperation with us is a great solution for your business!


FoodSoul websites are a great solution for those who want to attract customers. The website uses all the latest sales technologies, it is quite functional and flexible, adapted for personal computers, and mobile-friendly.


Mobile apps

Mobile apps are available for iPhone, iPad and Android. The easy-to-use functionality and original interface of the applications will not leave even the most sophisticated user indifferent.


Social apps

Social media apps are applications that integrate into social networks like VKontakte, Facebook, etc. These applications allow you to conveniently make orders in your store via social networks, which makes it very easy to attract new customers.



Our convenient, and most importantly free CRM system will help you to interact with customers automatically, increasing sales level and improving the quality of customer service.



You get a lot of opportunities for free: you can control incoming orders, manage the movements of couriers and monitor the order execution schedule.

Join our system right now and get free access to all the tools you need to successfully operate your delivery service, no matter what you deliver - food or flowers. Creating a tandem with our team you will receive applications and websites in 3 days! You will not leave your competitors a single chance!

Integration with the systems

We are constantly working on process automation, and therefore we have integrated our products with the most popular services/systems, so that you can fully integrate our products into your business. Below you can see a list of the currently supported systems. If any products are out from the list, please contact us and we will definitely implement them in the future.


Your site

Payment systems

Apple Pay
Google Pay




Google Analytics
Yandex Metrica
Yandex AppMetrica
Apps Flyer

SMS services





Open Street Map

Other services



Our system will surprise you with its capabilities!


Companies in our system


Well-established base of regular clients


Orders made


Georgy Semerikov
Head of "Sushi Town" delivery service, Zheleznogorsk

FoodSoul app is a great turnkey solution for business. You do not need to invest in the development, checking and testing of the system. In our case, the speed of project implementation was based on the site. An important point was the possibility of integrating orders into 1C. Intuitive menu, admin panel, and possibility to obtain any statistics we are interested in. Perhaps, it is one of the best offers on the market of mobile applications for delivery services.

Andrey Nesvetaev
Head of "Cafe Italia & Sushilka" chain, Kirov

Many thanks to the FoodSoul team for the excellent service. A user-friendly app for guests and customers, flexible functionality and convenient configuration of the application for almost any needs and features of our company. Quick response to suggestions for optimizing and improving the app. Reliable operation of the site and the applications. We capitally saved time and money at the start of the the delivery service organization.

Aleksandra Zhdanova
"Ninja Pizza" delivery service manager, Kirov

We want to give big thanks to FoodSoul team for adding innovations to our business. It is too expensive to release our own apps and integrate them into our business, so we were looking for ways to reduce the cost of implementing new technologies and found the FoodSoul service, then we tried it. When we saw how flexible the system was configured, we realized - it's just the thing! The opportunity to buy out the app in the future was very important for us, so that when the company grows, we will not be permanently freeze onto the service. The FoodSoul team provided this opportunity. Smart, suitable thing!

Aleksandr Sokolov
Head of "Smena" pizzeria, Kirov

We've been working with FoodSoul since the very launch of the system. When we decided to go beyond the pizzeria concept and to start delivering pizza within the city, FoodSoul offered us to use their service and solve our main task - to create an effective website and mobile apps for ordering pizza. We decided to cooperate and it was right. In the shortest possible time, a website was deployed on the FoodSoul platform, applications for Android and iOS were created. During the entire period of operation, there were no failures in the service. Everything is useful and concise, take and go!

Andrey Aleksandrovich Komkov
Food delivery service owner - "Svoya Kukhnya", Yelets

I want to mention that your service is the only one that fits our processes, and it's comfortable in terms of cost! I like that we don't have to make immediate development payments, there are no advance payments for 3 months, etc. It's hard enough for us to survive in this time, and we're getting totally skinned off... You go!

Maxim Olegovich Bashkirov
"Overtime Sushi Pizza Wok"

Thank you for the app, it is the best on the market, and we enjoy our turnover increasing. In January, we made a record revenue for three years of work!

Amayak Lyudvikovich Mkoyan
"TRI SOUSA", Apatity

I'm very glad to cooperate with FoodSoul. You have greatly facilitated many of our IT processes, which has allowed us to focus on the network development. Thanks! We will continue to work!

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