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Работаете в сфере доставки еды или цветов? Лучшее, продуманное до мелочей и в то же время самое доступное решение для служб доставок. Современный и революционный метод работы с клиентами, способный увеличить Вашу прибыль минимум на 30%!


Free websites

We have invented websites anew! Our websites are fast, adaptable, technological, and SEO optimized! Nothing is easier than to develop and set a website; it will take only 10 minutes!


Free CRM system

Что нужно для успешной работы служб доставки еды и цветов? Качественный и функциональный программный комплекс, объединяющий в себе CRM, сайт, мобильное приложение и приложения для социальных сетей! Мы гарантируем создание удобных способов работы с клиентами, а Вам остается только следить за качеством своей продукции. Сотрудничество с FoodSoul – отличное решение для Вашего бизнеса!


What is FoodSoul?

Что нужно для успешной работы служб доставки еды и цветов? Качественный и функциональный программный комплекс, объединяющий в себе CRM, сайты, мобильные приложения и приложения для социальных сетей! При этом сохраняя целостность всей системы и полную автоматизацию.

Мы гарантируем создание удобных способов работы с клиентами, а Вам остается только следить за качеством своей продукции. Сотрудничество с нами – отличное решение для Вашего бизнеса!


Websites by FoodSoul are a perfect solution for those interested in client attraction. A website uses all the latest sales technologies, is quite efficient and flexible, and adapted to personal computers and mobile devices.


Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are developed for iPhone, iPad and Android. Convenient functions and original interfaces of the applications will please even the most demanding users.


Social Network Applications

Social media applications are applications integrated with such social networks as Vkontakte, Facebook, and others. These applications enable your clients to place orders conveniently in your store via social networks allowing to attract new clients very easily.



Our convenient, and, more important, free CRM system will help you automatically interact your clients, increasing your sales level and improving the quality of client service.

Присоединитесь к нашей системе прямо сейчас и бесплатно получите доступ ко всем инструментам, необходимым для успешной работы Вашей службы доставки, независимо от того, что Вы доставляете: еду или цветы. Создавая тандем с нашей командой, Вы получите приложения и сайты уже через 3 дня! Вы не оставите своим конкурентам ни единого шанса!

Integration with systems

We are constantly working on process automation; that is why we have ensured integration of all our products with the most popular services/systems, so that you will be able to integrate our products completely with your business.

Below there is a list of systems supported at the moment. If any products are unavailable in the list. let us know, and we will definitely introduce them to the system in the future.



Internet services

SMS services


Payment systems



Our system will surprise you with its opportunities!

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Placed orders

Our clients


Georgy Semerikov
Head of Sushi Town delivery service, Zheleznogorsk

FoodSoul offer is a perfect turnkey solution for business. You do not have to invest in system development, checking and testing. In our case, it is a speed of a website-based project implementation. An possibility to integrate accepted orders in 1c format became an important aspect. A user friendly menu, an administrator panel, and obtaining almost all required statistic data. Perhaps, it is one of the best mobile apps for a delivery service in the market.

Andrey Nesvetaev
Head of Cafe Italia & Sushilka restaurant chain, Kirov

I want to thank FoodSoul team for perfect service. A convenient application for guests and clients, flexible functions and convenience of the application setting for almost all needs and features of our company. Quick reaction to all suggestions for optimization and development of the application. Reliable operation of the service website and the applications themselves. We have saved a significant amount of time and money starting up our delivery service arrangement.

Alexandra Zhdanova
Ninja Pizza delivery service manager, Kirov

We would like to thank FoodSoul team for introducing innovations to our business. Development of our own applications and their integration with our business is too expensive, that is why we have been looking for the ways to make new technology implementation cheaper. We learned about FoodSoul service, tried it, and, when we saw, how flexible the system is, we realized that it was what we needed! For us, it was very important to be able to purchase the application in the future, so that we would not depend on the service forever when the company would grow. FoodSoul team gave us such opportunity. It is a very smart and decent product.

Alexandr Sokolov
Head of Smena pizza restaurant, Kirov

We have been working with FoodSoul from the very system establishment. When we decided to go beyond our pizza restaurant and start delivering pizza throuhout the city, FoodSoul offered us to use their service and solve our main task - to create an efficient website and mobile applications for pizza ordering. We accepted their services and got our money's worth. A website was developed powered by FoodSoul, and applications for Android and iOS were created in the shortest time. No failure in the service operation has occurred during the whole period of work. Everything is functional, concise, and ready for operation.


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