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About us

The idea of the company FoodSoul was born in 2011, when its founder, Dmitry Sukharev, had his own food delivery service. Having worked in this field, it became obvious to him that there are no available offers on the market for creating professional mobile solutions. Costs for mobile apps for only one platform were from 150,000 rubles! At the same time, the proposed solutions were primitive and had very limited functionality. As an aspiring entrepreneur, it was quite an impressive amount for him. The current conditions prompted the ideological development and creation of a fundamentally new business idea, which did not leave Dmitry alone for a long. A year later he sold food delivery service and began to form a team for creation of a project from scratch.
In the course of the foundation of the project, the following tasks were set and achieved: 1) The product must be professionally developed 2) The product must be available to the company/entrepreneur of any level 3) The product must have a high level of automation 4) The product must be flexible and easily integrated with other services/systems 5) The product must be quickly integrated into the business (today we have reached the integration deadline in 3 days)
After long and hard work, the legal entity FoodSoul LLC was registered in November 2013, and in January 2014, the first customers appeared.
The founders of the company never looked for investors, did not participate in various startup/business accelerators, they made all the way themselves and used only available funds, the amount of which, it should be noted, were not such a huge. Limited funds contributed to the construction of a high level of automation of processes within the company, which allows to replace the work of dozens of employees. The founders were able to negate the entire routine and build a work exclusively on improving the level of customer service and expanding the capabilities of the platform.
After 3 years, we can confidently say that FoodSoul is the leader in this market as it provides customers with the highest level of service. For all the time of its existence, the company has never used ready-made template solutions in its developments.
FoodSoul always strives for the desired ideal: to create highly optimized technologies with a high level of safety. Having achieved such high results at the present time, the company does not stop in its development, as there is a lot of work ahead!

Dmitry Sukharev

Founder & CEO

We are living in a very interesting time, in the digital era, the time of transition to high technologies. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the innovations of modern trends, and one of our goals is to break the barrier between business and technology. We have managed to build a company that instantly takes into account all the changes in the market and quickly introduces new technologies of our time. Working together, we will form a symbiosis. Together, we will grow and conquer new heights - this is the key formula for the success and stability of the business.

Matvei Afanasiev

Co-founder & COO

The whole world is moving towards automation and robotization. This is a global trend, I would even say it's the evolution of business in the modern world. Our goal is to help other businesses participate in this process, and I emphasize the word "help", because I believe the "win-win" strategy is the only correct one. We help you develop, you help us. Let's develop together and make the world a better place!


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