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The best detailed and at the same time the most affordable solution for delivery services. A modern and revolutionary way of working with clients can increase your profits minimum by 30% !


Free websites

We have invented websites anew! Our websites are fast, adaptable, technological, and SEO optimized! Nothing is easier than to develop and set a website; it will take only 10 minutes!


Free CRM system

What does it take to successfully operate a delivery service? A quality and efficient software complex including a website and a mobile application. We guarantee development of convenient ways of working with clients, while you just have to support the quality of your products. Collaboration with the FoodSoul is a perfect solution for your business!


About the affiliate program

FoodSoul company is interested in a mutually advantageous long-term collaboration. Our goal is not only our own benefit; we help you develop and earn.

Why is it advantageous for you?
1) You will have no problem with client attraction. Our service is demanded and, most importantly, available not only for companies that were established long ago and have a stable income, but also for delivery companies that have just started operating.
2) We guarantee monthly bonuses for your work.
3) All credits will be available online in your personal account, and you will be able to apply for the money withdrawal at any time.
4) A flexible system of money withdrawal: the money is transferred to both bank cards and bank accounts.
5) We offer a permanent income that will grow constantly, while you just have to work on result increasing.
6) All necessary consulting and full training in client attraction are arranged for you.
7) All necessary help will be provided for you in settlement of disputable situations and issues arising.

Collaboration with us is the choice for active and ambitious people interested in financial independency. The convenience of the collaboration with us is a possibility to work from any place in the world. Your task is to attract a client, while we undertake to arrange the whole client service and further work; you will get a percent share of the amount spent by your clients for our service in the future. You can also become our official representative in other regions of the world.

Join us right now and let us earn together!



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A few figures!


A number of global affiliates

$181 807

We have paid to our affiliates


The rate plans change automatically directly along with your growth!
A rate plan is recalculated on the 1st day of each month!

10 % of income

from $0

(Total cost of the service a month from all attracted companies)

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20 % of income

from $1 000

(Total cost of the service a month from all attracted companies)

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30 % of income

from $2 000

(Total cost of the service a month from all attracted companies)

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40 % of income

from $4 000

(Total cost of the service a month from all attracted companies)

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  • Work time: Mo-Fr from 3:00 to 11:30
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