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Automate delivery free of charge
Increase your company's profit at least 30%

CRM + Sites + Mobile applications + SNS applications
Development, updates and technical support - free of charge
Running the complete package up to 3 working days
Paid-on-delivery: up to 4% for the order
No subscription fees, penalties, investments


Free mobile applications

Do you deliver food or flowers? It is the best, well-thought-out and still most accessible solution for delivery services. It is a modern and revolutionary operation method with clients increasing your profit at least 30%!


Free websites

We have invented websites anew! Our websites are fast, adaptable, technological, and SEO optimized! Nothing is easier than to develop and set a website; it will take only 10 minutes!


No vacancies at the moment

Unfortunately there are no open vacancies in this region, but we grow fast, and they can appear very soon. Follow our updates!

Our team

Our team is all that we are! It is hard to imagine the existence of our company without these people; they devote 100% of themselves to our work!

Dmitry Sukharev

Co-founder & COO

Matvey Afanasiev

Co-founder & COO

Ivan Kataev

The Android Developer

Zyryanov Egor

iOS developer

Arthur Tereshchenko

QA Engineering

Pavel Trushnikov

Web Developer

Anton Ardyshev

Web developer

Tatiana Gushchina

Web designer

Anna Vasilieva

Head of Sales

Bakhtina Anastasia

Sales executive

Anna Filimonova

Sales Manager

Limonova Anastasia

Sales Manager

Ekaterina Mazenina

Sales Manager

Oksana Minyailo

Sales manager

Goloviznina Julia

Sales Manager

Alekberova Zakhra Alievna

Sales Manager

Sumaneeva Maria

Sales Manager

Galina Rodionova

Sales Manager

Королева Анастасия

Менеджер по продажам


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  • Work time: Mo-Fr from 3:00 to 11:30
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